Men on the Side of the Road project professionalises its services with assistance from Salt Essential IT

Windhoek, 20 January, 2014 – Men on the side of the Road (MSR), an organisation that helps men to gain marketable skills, is continuing its professionalisation. Salt Essential IT, Namibia’s foremost IT Specialist and System Integrator, knows that a solid, working IT-infrastructure is vital for any organisation to succeed, including MSR. That is why Salt is donating time and services to upgrade and improve the website and e-mail systems of MSR. MSR facilitates change in Namibia by connecting the unemployed with job and training opportunities. This road to self-sufficiency and sustainability is helped by companies that contribute financially or in kind to MSR.

In the fast-paced and technologically advanced world of today, having access to hi-tech computer systems is essential. Not only for working effectively, but also to be taken seriously. Both MSR and Salt know this and that is why they have partnered together. Ensuring that MSR has stable e-mail systems, with dedicated addresses adds a layer of professionalism to the Project. This is very important as lots of companies want to know that they will be working together with a charitable project that is professional and shares the same values when it comes to delivering quality.

Obviously to be able to deliver quality an organisation needs the right tools, including IT-infrastructure. That is Where Salt Essential IT stepped in.

Working together with Salt has been a great experience for MSR and their donation of time and equipment to help professionalise our organisation through the upgrading of ICT-services is a tremendous boost for us. Professionalism has become a differentiating factor for charitable projects as it ensures partner organisations and companies feel comfortable working with us. We are confident that Salt’s involvement in our programme demonstrates that MSR is an established and trusted organisation. Which will be.” Janet Wicks, of Men on the Side of the Road project said.

For more information and further details on MSR please contact:
Janet Wicks, Tel. +264 (0)61 – 30 58 92

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