PMR Diamond Arrow Award for Salt

Salt Essential IT has done it again! For the third year in a row Salt has been rated the highest in the IT Sector and awarded a Diamond Arrow Award of Excellence by PMR Africa.

Based on the survey on Namibia conducted during August, September and October 2013, Salt Essential IT was rated by a random national sample of 220 respondents comprising of CEOs, MDs, business owners, company directors and managers, senior government officials based in Namibia. No prompting is done by the interviewers and the ratings are based on the perceptions of the respondents (corporates and senior government officials based in Namibia).

Companies and institutions were rated against the following criteria:

  • companies/institutions that have done most to enhance economic growth and development of the country
  • levels of managerial expertise
  • implementation of corporate governance
  • brand awareness
  • levels of innovation

In the Business Sector: IT Consulting Companies in Namibia, Salt is highest rated on an overall rating of 4.14 out of a possible 5.00.

The purpose of the awards is to celebrate excellence. Through the awards we want to acknowledge and set a bench mark for others to aspire to. Through the awards PMRafrica is also creating an opportunity for companies and institutions whereby a team or division can be recognized for all their hard work. After all, there is a successful team behind each successful and highly rated company and institution,” says Johan Hattingh, Owner of PMRafrica.

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