Salt 2.0 A new Journey has begun

Have you noticed that the world is busy changing at a rate that sometimes seems to exceed our own ability to adjust. Change has become the new norm and “adapt or die” seems to be the new buzzword. At Salt we have never tried to adapt to our surroundings, instead we have always tried to be at the forefront of new ICT developments and have endeavoured to provide our clients with innovative and customer centric solutions. As such we at Salt realised it was time for a radical shift in the way we do business. The team concluded that this new season required new leadership – someone with an inherent passion for all things analytical, IT, systems, data centres, omnicubes, but most importantly someone who also has the ability to understand the people behind these systems, someone who could continuously establish and strengthen the relationships with our clients, suppliers and Salt team. IT solutions are all good – but essentially ineffective if not supprted by meaningful conversations to create unique solutions for the real challenges that our clients face – it’s about combining personal client relationships with uniquely designed ICT solutions. This is Salt v2 – ICT solutions with a human touch.

Given such a radical change – it was evident that we needed a visionary who could lead us into the new season. A rare find indeed, someone who can apply his mind to all things technical but still maintain the ability to not lose focus of the human element. It was on the 24th October that Peter Müller made a bold move and acquired 100% ownership of Salt Essential IT, version 2.

Peter Müller was a part of the team that established the new Logical Networks, where he took on the role of Customer Relations Manager. Peter’s balanced outlook on life is the source of his patience and sensible understanding of customer needs. His maths teaching background provided Peter with opportunities to analyse problems and to then match them with specific human, environmental and situational needs. With IT solutions he has always positioned himself as a bridge between technical people and users, knowing very well that users do not need to know depths of IT but want systems to help them do their jobs well.

Having worked in the IT Sector in the UK in 1989-90, Peter brought some global experience to Salt. In Namibia he was part of the Telecom team as Project Manager for the implementation of the ISIS billing system, which was a failure, used for two short years to produce bills. He then managed projects for the subsequent ICMS billing system. ICMS was very successful and provided customer bills for Telecom customers for the next 15 years. Peter has observed major failures as well as considerable successes at Telecom – all in short succession – an experiene that has equipped him with the endurance to run the race until the very end.

Peter was also part of a Project Management Consultancy for the Ministry of Justice, Legal Capacity Building Project who implemented an IT platform throughout Namibia for general Microsoft® products, internet and email and a MOJ Business System (NAMCIS).

He was a member and Director of the Namibian Information Technology Association (NITA) from 1991 to 2001 and was also involved in various activities such as organising and contributing to Information Technology conferences, assisting the Ministry of Education in IGCSE Computer Studies etc. Peter was actively involved in the Namibia Mathematics and Science Teachers Association (NAMSTA), to organise local, regional and national Science Fairs for the promotion of science in schools via projects and competitions.

Peter resigned from active management in Salt early in 2011 when he handed the CRM role to Chrissie Fendler, at a time when Salt was doing well. He continued to be a shareholder during this time. Towards the end of 2014 he joined the Salt team again and became increasingly involved in assisting Salt through a difficult patch. The difficult patch finally came to an end on 24th October 2016 when Peter acquired all shares in Salt. This was the birth of Salt v2.
Preparations for Salt v2 started during the course of 2015, when both new intellectual capital and real capital was applied to once again focus on our core service offering, being the shared data centre. A year down the line and with more capital availability, Salt v2 is well on its way.

We are looking forward to a fully revamped Salt v2 in 2017. We now have seamless business continuity across two data centres in Windhoek, located several distances apart. We are also excited to introduce to you a wide range of new products and services, all in an effort to cater for your changing needs in an ever-changing world.
We will contact you in 2017 to share more of these ideas exciting with you…so watch this space.

Salt would like to wish all our clients a blessed festive season.

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