Mint, Salt and Microsoft making footprints across Africa

Mint Management Technologies and Salt Essential IT in conjunction with global software developer Microsoft embarked on the technology giant’s African expansion journey into West, East and Central Africa (WECA) by providing Namibian organisations with a ‘first look into Microsoft’s next generation of business applications’ during an event hosted on December 1, 2016 in Windhoek, Namibia.

The event focused on Microsoft’s strategy for digital transformation and revealed how Microsoft Dynamics 365 enables organisations to grow, evolve and transform.coenraad-coetzee-managing-director-of-salt-jpg

Attendees received a first look at Dynamics 365 coupled with live demos, and learned how these applications unify CRM and ERP capabilities with purpose-built applications that work seamlessly together to help manage specific business functions and enable organisations to transform, meet customer needs and capture new opportunities.

Reflecting on the success of the event Coenraad Coetzee, the Managing Director of Salt, notes that the partners are positive regarding the growth and uptake of the Microsoft solution suite in Namibia.

“The event was met with great success and attended by major industry players who were very excited about Microsoft’s next generation of business applications, with further engagements and consultations already underway.”

African Expansion Awakening through Prime Partnerships

Owing to an increase in demand for its technologies across Africa, Microsoft has a dire need for business allied in this region and, together with vested-interested partners, aims to build a sustainable and growing empire.

Therefore, Microsoft approached Mint – the tier 1 partner with regard to the implementation of Microsoft CRM Dynamics in the South African financial services sector – to undertake the implementation of its solutions for complex industries across WECA.pani-harito-crm-sales-lead-at-mint-chatting-to-winston-strauss-and-frans-herle-both-from-infrastrcture-services-at-salt-jpg

Subsequently, with Namibia identified as one of the strategic markets for the Microsoft product suite, Mint chose Namibian-based ICT service provider Salt Essential IT –  a Microsoft CSP Tier 1 Partner – to help drive Microsoft’s WECA expansion strategy in this region.

“Mint Africa anticipates great success from its partnership with Salt and the invaluable skills and knowledge that the organisation hosts regarding technology and market insights in the Namibian region,” states Mint Africa Executive Dennis Lupambo.

He explains that the absence of an established local partner with in-depth knowledge of the African business environment, such as forex constraints; regulations; the cost of distributing resources; and language requirements, renders the realisation of reasonable profit margins conducive to growth unlikely.

“As Microsoft partners, Mint and Salt’s values are aligned and, together, we aim to enable better business and entrench ourselves into societies through the formation of win-win partnerships that will enable us to contribute towards the African economy.”

He concludes that “conducting business in Africa is about innovation through local empowerment Therefore, we, are playing to our strengths and, together with Microsoft and our regional partners, we will be sure to cement footprints across the African continent.”

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