ALERT! New wave of Cyberattacks coming

This week marks the start of the Shadow Brokers’ monthly dump service, where certain tools from the alleged Vault7 Toolkit are rumoured to be released to the Net. This can lead to an Increase in Cyberattacks and possible new attacks. Details remain sketchy, where some sources claim Win10 to be the next target, while others claim that it will be MacOS.

“Of the list of items that The Shadow Brokers have suggested would be a part of their monthly data and exploit dump service, compromised SWIFT network data is of the most value to both black-hat hackers and the impacted organizations,” said Gabriel Gumbs, vice president of product strategy at STEALTHbits Technologies.

You can read more about these rumoured attacks in SC Media and The Guardian.



The deadline for this latest info dump is today – 6 June 2017 – and while the chances are quite slim that Namibia will be in the first wave of attacks, it’s safe to assume that we could get some activity in the second wave.

Of course, here at SALT we have been preparing for any fresh attacks, and will be doing everything we can to ensure your online safety. Preventively, we have updated the AV/IPS Package.

You can read up on how to keep your information safe here.

Take care!


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