Flexible Branch Networks – The Modern Corporation’s Secret Weapon

The modern business world has developed into a much more flexible environment, particularly for employees. Expansive internet coverage, notebooks, tablets and smartphones have all made it possible to expand a business’s footprint without having to invest in corporate offices and massive infrastructure. A digital connection has made it possible to create satellite offices and even work-from-home hubs that allow companies to service clients outside of their HQ area. It is keeping track of these satellite offices and ensuring that they are linked into HQ’s networks and databases that is the difficult part. Although satellite employees can operate independently, they need to be able to comfortably communicate and collaborate with employees at other regional offices. And that’s where flexible branch networks come in. Here’s the breakdown, step-by-step:


  • Connecting branches to headquarters reliably is mission critical
  • It is vital to prioritise traffic on these links and implement/enforce corporate network usage policies on all branches

The Status Quo

  • Most links are implemented as WAN Point to Point links whereas the cost/Mbs is significantly higher then on traditional Broadband Internet Access
  • Aggregation on Internet access and services happens at one central point
  • Redundancies are extremely expensive and difficult to realise (different providers and availability of technologies)

Benefits to you

  • Costs are significantly lower with higher bandwith
  • Data traffic is monitored and reported to one central logging/analysis facility
  • Redundant Internetlink implementation can be reached even with a compatible 4G USB Stick


  • Faster Uplink speed from branches at a lower cost
  • Better monitoring on usage, bandwith and ability to prioritise/block any type of traffic and automated reporting
  • Every branch uses own Internet access but adheres to central company policy (Monitoring and enforcing with Layer7 Filtering)

Sound like a good idea? Contact us now to get set up.

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