The Basic Principles of CRM

The concept of “customer service” is simple: Customers might consider spending a lot of money on a company’s products or services, but they should be able to get a response when they have a question.

Customer Service is one of the most important aspects of setting one’s business apart these days, which is why at SALT we have shifted our core focus from being production oriented to a more consumer centric point of view. We are striving to become a real, human presence, that communicates with our consumers via phone, radio, television, and most importantly the internet (through our social media channels, website and email) – where natural persons can communicate back to the business.

This concept was impossible a hundred years ago but has now been made possible through technology. Technology has provided the man on the street with access and has enabled him to be heard, so that his/her problems could be addressed. It has allowed businesses to be more aware of the importance of their consumer.  At SALT we strive to always be conscious of our customers and to try and keep them satisfied. We believe that “A happy customer is a loyal customer”.

This is how we are striving to improve customer service:

  1. Understand Who Our Customers Are:

Understanding our customers can help improve our communication strategy, and ensure that our audience not only relates to what we are saying, but they also feel comfortable enough to interact with us. That is why we continually strive to learn from and grow with our customers.

  1. Listen to Your Customer:

At SALT we always keep our ears close to social media’s door to get insights on how we can improve, and more importantly, how we can address our customer’s real-world challenges – whether that is through new products, better customer service or a total restructuring of the services we already provide. In our opinion, a company that listens to and understands its customers, and implements from its findings (as we do) is reliable, dependable and bound to succeed.

  1. Harness Your Customer Community

It is our goal at SALT to build a community that is comfortable to speak its mind – to us and to each other. It’s a “Help me, help you” strategy which enables us to listen, learn and implement, literally taking our customer’s input and creating a way forward.


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