The Importance of Having an AntiVirus

So many of us spend our entire lives online. We browse and email at work, we bank on our smartphones, we game online, we organise our lives with Apps, and all of this is connected through your various devices that are constantly syncing. It’s no longer just the documents on our PC that are at risk – and the days of “Virus Free Technology” are over. (Hint: There’s no such thing). If it’s connected to the internet, it can be hacked, stolen or infected. Protecting your data has never been more vital.

New viruses are released constantly, so it’s important to regularly update your antivirus. Viruses are written and released for different reasons. Some are just to cause chaos – corrupting your files, making your system behave oddly, or just slowing it down. Others are written specifically to steal information, and can cause a lot more damage than simply wasting your time. They can also spread to multiple computers quickly, especially if those machines are on a shared network.

A virus will continue to corrupt your system as long as it goes undetected. Don’t wait for the infection, be proactive and secure your system before the need arises.

And if you thought getting multiple antiviruses was a good idea, don’t! Multiple antiviruses on a single PC will cause conflict and slow down your system. They may even begin to disable each other, leaving your PC vulnerable to more viruses. It’s better to get a single, trusted antivirus.

At SALT, we provide three main solutions to your security woes.

Firstly, we offer secure backup and hosting services which are constantly maintained.

Secondly, we offer antivirus solutions that can be installed on personal PCs as well as business networks.

And finally, for those who use our monthly subscription services, our third weapon comes into effect. Our Salties are constantly updating and maintaining our systems, and keeping up to date with coming threats, ensuring that we are ready for any major malware attacks. For info on our latest victories, scan through our blog.

We always have your security at heart.

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