AntiVirus: Myth vs Fact

There are many misconceptions about the very real virus problem – a lot of which are strengthened by misinformation floating around the internet or thrown around at parties by that that one guy we all know that knows just a little more about computers than you do. Unfortunately, we can’t believe everything we read on the internet, or what that guy who sounds so very convincing tells us at a braai.

Luckily, SALT is here to help dispel some myths – and our Salties really do know what they’re talking about, because they spend all day every day making sure you are protected.. Here’s a quick list of Myths and Fact to help you along your way.

1. MYTH: I don’t use the internet on my computer, and if I do, I don’t download, so there’s no chance of getting infected.
FACT: A computer can get infected through all kinds of methods of transferring data.

Computers get infected using USBs, cell-phones, shared networks – even CDs! It all depends on whether the sender of the data is infected with a virus or not. Another belief is that you don’t get viruses on the internet unless you download – this is also a myth. Threats are all over the internet, even on sites that are marked “trusted”, so you can pick up viruses from using and clicking on these websites.

2. MYTH: Macs are not susceptible to viruses.
FACT: Macs are becoming more and more vulnerable to viruses.

We still think that Macs cannot get viruses and that’s a fallacy that will continue to make Macs even more vulnerable to viruses. The truth is that Macs can get infected and are becoming more and more enticing to virus writers because of the false security perception that computer users (including Mac users) have about them.

3. MYTH: Antivirus software is the same as internet security
FACT: Internet security includes all antivirus features and additional internet security features.

A lot of us might believe that internet security software and antivirus software are the same – you guessed it, that’s also false. An antivirus only protects your PC against viruses, while internet security software provides safety from various internet threats such as identity theft. It will also include a malicious website filter to help prevent infections and a software firewall to prevent unauthorised access to your network.

4. MYTH: Two antiviruses is better than one
FACT: One virus is sufficient for a single PC or a network

We advise that you use one good antivirus instead of multiple. Using a number of antiviruses on a single PC is a disaster waiting to happen. These antiviruses will fight against each other and that might leave your PC vulnerable to more and dangerous viruses.

5. MYTH: Viruses get deleted when formatting your C Drive
FACT: Viruses can hide in regions of the drive that is not overwritten by normal formatting

Formatting your drive to try save yourself from paying for an antivirus does not work either. There are small regions where viruses can hide and these can be activated by certain triggers, such as double clicking on a particular file.

The moral of the story is to stay educated. By knowing what you’re up against, you’ve won half the battle. If you’re unsure what Antivirus to choose, get in touch. Our Salties are here to help.

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