Customer RELATIONSHIP Management

Have you ever stopped to notice……… the speed of life?

The speed at which technology is developing, the speed at which the world is changing, the speed at which we work, move, speak, eat, sleep? Do you find yourself at the end of the day exhausted and wondering what you achieved? Endless to-do lists that increase exponentially while you race towards a moving target. People, relationships, time to unwind, mostly non-existent. They take up time, they take up effort, they take up energy and they inevitably prevent us from accomplishing the many items on the “to do” list. But is this how it is supposed to be? Is this what life has become?

Technology was supposed to ease the pressure on our daily lives – it was supposed to make life less burdensome, it was supposed to be a help and not a hindrance. So where exactly did we lose sight of its purpose? Is it because we thought we could replace people with technology? Was the purpose of technology not to save us time so that we could have more quality time for the people and the things that matter?

At Salt we too were lost in the race – we were running, but lost sight of the goal. We were drowning in the consequences of several misguided choices, not intentionally, but simply because we were trying to survive by keeping up the rapid pace of development and technological change. And then we hit rock bottom. Financial constraints, sheer exhaustion and a physical inability to continue along this futile path, allowed us to realise that we needed to make a choice. We could step down and close the business or we could pull ourselves together, dust ourselves off and try one last time. This choice was made in October 2016 when Peter Mueller, the new owner of Salt Essential IT made a choice to salvage this business.

Peter has an unrelenting belief that there is more to Salt than anyone has seen. He believes that his team has the skills and most importantly the heart to fulfil his own vision of open and honest relationship-focused business practices, he believes in the products and services that Salt currently offers and in the new solutions that will be available soon. Peter believes that despite the current circumstances Salt can become Namibia’s leading Information Technology Services provider. Despite several people having left the business, we have a core team of committed, determined and highly skilled team members that are moving the boundaries and are shifting the landscape of traditional IT services as we speak.

Vanessa, our fast paced Business Development Manager knows her clients like the back of her hand and spends every waking moment creating handcrafted solutions tailored for individual clients’ business requirements. Salt has moved away from “one size fits all” and it is now about acknowledging the uniqueness of a specific business and starting on a clean canvass.

Vanessa uses her array of services and can combine unique offerings to create a custom-made service to suit your business needs.

Winston, our rock-solid Infrastructure Services Manager, spends his spare time defending his rugby teams’ position on the field. He is relentless in keeping his eye on the ball within this ever-changing and challenging environment. His team has been carefully selected to be able to provide our clients with consistent support and to advise clients with regards to the most suitable solutions for their unique business environment. Winston’s calming demeanor has managed to bring about a much needed sense of peace and has brought about a more structured and efficient working environment in the IS area.

Maggi and Arno, our two CRM Managers, are both known for their passion to take on the most challenging situations, engage with our clients and then provide detailed feedback to the Salt team so that issues can be resolved as speedily as possible. They pride themselves on making time to understand not just the current challenges within our clients’ businesses but also in discussing future developments and cost saving opportunities so that we can maintain our client relationships for the long term.

Peter believes that long-term relationships will ultimately be the driving factor for Salt – it goes beyond technology, it is who we are and what we believe and express. People need each other to thrive, to grow, to succeed. Client relationships are essential to the future growth and development of technology – it is, after all, people who make technology work.

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