Protect your data, protect your business

Companies invest a lot of time, money and resources into developing, maintaining and restoring data. A lot of time and money might also be spent in trying to retrieve lost data, so it is important to find the best ways to secure your data.

Data loss can cause a fair few problems for a company. Problems such as a dent in reputation, loss of revenue and missed deadlines. Time and money cannot be mentioned separate from each other because a company’s productivity impacts on the overall revenue. Having to spend time recovering data, or having no files to work with, means less time working on projects and deadlines, and that ultimately means a loss in revenue. Handling backup issues proactively will result in better security for your data, and business continuity.

Malware is a leading cause of data loss and the cause people are most aware of, but it’s not the only way data goes missing. Date loss may stem from a number of reasons, such as accidental deletion, theft and even spillage of water or coffee. These are some of the things people tend to ignore until they happen and the need to retrieve information arises. Therefore, it is imperative to keep mindful of accidents and remember that they could happen, and plan ahead because these accidents might come back to bite us.

Previously, businesses or individuals would’ve used USBs, CDs or external hard drives to store data, but what happens when there’s a fire, or if someone comes in and steals everything? It is especially important for businesses to move as the world moves to ensure continuity, and thus, sustainability. The world has shifted from brick and mortar to online, and so should businesses of all kinds (not just e-Commerce businesses). There are several added benefits attached to online backup systems that businesses should enjoy:

Backup is generated automatically

– Online backup is auto generated, so whatever you do, the backup is created automatically.

Reporting keeps you informed
– Online backup will send you an email to tell you if your backup was successful or not.

Online backup is a cost effective way of saving data

– Online cloud requires a small subscription fee. Get your quote today by sending an email to with the number of GBs you want to back up, and the number of workstations or servers you need backed up.

Restoring data is simple

– Professionals working for a particular business always have the advantage to restore the data from one location to another.

Data is always safe with online backup

– Your data will always be safe irrespective of any system crash.

Online backup is a phenomenal thing to have as a business. Time worrying about data loss is time off business, and time off money.

If you need guidance on the best solution for your business, do not hesitate to contact our expert Salties now. Let us worry about your backups, while you focus on your business.

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