The importance of video conferencing

With the world getting smaller, there has been a soar in global corporations. Technology has given rise to new possibilities; breakthroughs in a lot of limitations that businesses had to deal with before. You don’t have to catch connecting flights all the way to Los Angeles for a meeting anymore. All you need to do is just open your laptop screen.

Businesses have come a long way, and we at Salt stress that businesses should evolve as their consumers do. Technology has made it possible for people from all parts of the world to communicate with each other and share ideas. The same goes for businesses. Because the world has
become such a small place, a business in Namibia is now able to cater for Russian residents. The world becoming smaller, impacts on competition too; customers have now shifted from a geographic way of looking for their needs to get solved, to a more expertise, “who can do it better”

There are a lot of businesses operating globally now, and internal communication is imperative to ensure that each satellite works injunction with the rest, and to keep track of business operations globally. Having to fly six people from different regions to headquarters just for a meeting has always been a mission because it takes up a lot of money, money that could’ve been used for important resources. Communicating using emails is also not ideal, especially when trying to communicate as a group. It takes up a lot of time and effort.

This leaves us with one more option – conferencing. Conferencing is ideal because parties involved are in the same situation simultaneously; they can all hear what is being said at the same time and can also be heard immediately. Telephone conferencing was done a lot previously to communicate with stakeholders from different regions of the world/country but as the world moves forward, so should business. Skype offers collaborative tools for businesses of any magnitude. One of these tools is video conferencing where participants from various parts of the world/country can communicate while they see each other simultaneously.

Video conferencing breaks a number of limitations:

1. It saves you on your telecoms bills and travelling costs, and without having to spend money on travelling, meetings can be scheduled frequently to increase interaction and thus bettering internal communication.

2. It saves time where people with tight schedules are concerned; Skype just needs you to have a strong internet connection and a laptop or mobile device.

3. You can show things in real time using video conferencing as opposed to email correspondence or telephonic conferencing.

4. Although this could be seen as insignificant, it is important to have a real human experience, especially when dealing with people you don’t know such as new clients. Skype gives you an opportunity to humanise the experience. Just the way you look, or the way you communicate with your body could win a client over.

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