Digital transformation through dynamics 365

The world of technology has transformed the behaviour of customers towards products and services and that has led to a change in their needs. The digital environment is fast-paced and requires instant satisfaction. There is no “end of next week”, no “one month delivery”. Customers and clients expect instant reactions and instant service. To survive, businesses must transform themselves into digital entities, so they can react and deliver according to client expectations, whether you provide a physical product, or an online service.

Digital transformation means, quite simply, transforming your physical brick and mortar business into one that exists and reacts in the digital sphere. It means online stores, digital filing instead of paperwork and file rooms, telephone, email and instant messaging instead of snail mail and fax. It even means product delivery by drone instead of a delivery man.

In this digital online world, it’s important to ensure that your entire business is properly networked, so that your staff across the country can communicate and share information effectively, using centralised tools and storage.

Digital transformation and Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 are synonymous. You simply cannot talk about one without mentioning the other. Dynamics 365 integrates intelligent cloud applications that unify CRM and ERP capabilities to help you run your business end to end. It is a technology that allows you to bring people, data, and processes together in an offsite, online network.

Dynamics 365 allows you to:

• Empower employees: Give your employees familiar tools augmented by actionable insights so they can do their best work;

• Engage customers: Build personalised experiences across all customer touchpoints – from consideration to purchase;

• Optimise operations: Anticipate and manage business needs with more intelligent processes and predictive guidance;

• Transform products: Innovate new business models, automate processes, and shift from being reactive to proactive;

At Salt, it is our mission to grow, evolve, and transform every part of your business to better meet the changing market and needs of your customers.

Learn more about Dynamics 365 here:

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