What is Disaster Recovery?

How safe is your business data and financial systems from disasters such as theft, water leakage, lightning strikes or simple hardware failures? Do you have a plan that will ensure business continuity at lowest financial impact, should the inevitable happen? Disaster Recovery is the process of getting your crucial data duplicated, in a safe and securely, yet easily accessible place. In the IT world, that DR plan is how to get your applications recovered, up and running at 100% after a disaster impedes their function. Calculate how much work is lost when your business systems are down.

Most businesses cannot afford the down time that occurs when disaster strikes. Losing hours, days or even weeks of productive time can be damaging to a business. Whether it’s temporary power cuts, a building fire, or a cyber-attack that wipes out your data, your business must have a plan in place that will ensure you’re back up and running as quickly as possible should the worst happen.

Have a Disaster Recovery service provider you can trust, thus expanding your security and business continuity team ensuring that your business continuity plan, protocols and processes  is always up to date. In short, Just Add Salt!

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