Getting Gooey about BI


I have been a Business Development Manager for just over 10 years. In all that time it has always been hugely frustrating for me getting reliable information from our various business systems. And once you get the information you need to compare it to the past and try and project into the future, to be able to make good decisions for the business going forward.

Salties have been using Office 365 in anger for some years, and that has changed the way we work and do business in an exciting and positive way. I stumbled onto the Power BI app while checking out what was in the Microsoft store that was ‘free.’ I downloaded it, started playing around, and had my mind thoroughly blown away!

Who knew such a wondrous thing existed. One which can plug into other systems and pull from them data, works its magic and present it in a visually attractive and easily understandable way. And the more I got the more I wanted.

First, I hooked it up to our Financial System, Xero, and my legs went all gooey. Oooh, to see up to date, accurate figures, on my phone, available all day, real time, just for me😊 Then I went a step further and hooked up our Newsletter software, MailChimp. OMG, seeing who clicked on what links where… the sheer pleasure. (You are probably wondering what is wrong with this woman for getting so super excited about data. 1. I love my job 2. I love knowing everything all the time about my job and 3. I have been told on occasion I am a bit weird…)

I could go on and on but then this blog would turn into a book, so let me say just one last thing. You can pull in the trusted old spreadsheet as well. If you want a demo or just more info, email me at

If you want to start experiencing the awesomeness immediately, today and enjoy the ride!


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