IT Equipment is obsolete after 3 years


Change in IT happens so rapidly and frequently, it is difficult to keep up. Add ‘comfort zone’,  ‘The way we used to do things’ and fear of increasing cost, ‘sweating old equipment’, bureaucracy and keeping up becomes even more difficult.
Juxtapose the following: The way in which data is processed and stored safely now and into the future is ever smarter and cheaper.

 A big shift is from owning to renting servers, business systems and services.

Take hardware for instance. A number of things happen after some years of owning expensive hardware:

  1. Machines are no longer manufactured and spare parts become difficult to find and pricey.
  2. Maintenance cost soar
  3. Beyond 3 years the probability of a crash becomes higher, beyond 5 years even more so, 7 years is gambling with fate.
  4. The loss of a ‘single point of failure’ computer due to theft, a crash or other disaster costs much money. If you are the gambling type, you will run the risk. Consider smart new solutions.

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