Optimising your storage, through SSD and Cloud solutions

Solid-state drives (SSD) have within recent years grown popular both as internal and external drives, because of their impressive speed increases. They are certainly a worthwhile investment, but like any other storage device, they are not exempt from the inevitability of failure/damage. Much like spinning drives, failure is commonplace. Unfortunately, all SSDs have a limited number of writes before they wear out and one should have a contingency backup solution setup in the event that damage/failure occurs. In addition, modern SSDs commonly become outdated before they die.

Don’t panic, though. It is possible to maximise the lifespan of an SSD, by simply disabling certain Windows services and leaving at least 10% of the drive free. Most users will never reach this limit during day to day use, unless they are deliberating doing so. For further info on how to optimise your drive, check out these articles on Cnet and Lifehacker.

It’s important to think long-term where data storage is concerned. Yes, physical backups still have value, and doubling or tripling up your backups is highly recommended. SSDs and conventional Hard disk drives are a great solution for your physical backup, but it’s time to consider a Cloud solution as your failsafe. Talk to Salt Essential IT about our Cloud Storage solutions. We will help you to tailor your storage solution to your needs; our business has always been to enable yours!

More on SSD life expectancy:

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