Counter Strike: Global Offensive: Steam Vac secured hosted server at Salt

Latency, choke and ping are very high on a CS GO-ers priority. But when normal servers just get too messed up, full, or you just want to play with some friends (e.g. 12 million unique players last month and more than 180 000 CS Go gamers online at any time), then CS Go community servers are the way to go.

With Salt’s multiple internet providers, our CS Go community server provides optimal latency and very good ping. It seems Namibia’s internet is not the worst in the world as we get visitors to our server from not just Namibia. We get gamers from South Africa, Asia and South American countries (especially Brazil) on a regular basis. With the ever growing community of E-sport even Namibia sent some gamers last year to the 9Th World Championship of International Electronic Sport Federation (IeSF) in South Korea. With combined prize money for 1st to 3rd places of between US$180 000 (ESL Cologne, Germany 2017) and US$730 000 (ELEAGUE Boston Major League 2018), naturally it has been an ever growing official sport.

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