IT: You never stop learning!

The greatest thing I have learned in IT is the fact that you never stop learning. Since I have started working at Salt, I have noticed that I have learnt something new every day. No matter how small, the fact that you have learned something new adds value to the work you d,o or better yet, might be useful in the future.

For example: when I started working here a year ago I didn’t have a clue what an RJ45 Connector was, till one of my colleagues showed me what it is and what you do with it. I have learnt about Cloud Services, like Office 365, and Disaster Recovery, and hosting. Up to now the only hosting I know about was hosting a party😊

It’s all the learning that ensures my work day never has a dull moment, that is the last thing I want because as soon as you know everything in your job, you start to lose interest and your job starts to get boring. I hate being bored.

IT has so many directions you can go into. But getting exposure to all the different aspects of technology, makes me excited to go to work every day.

Looking forward to gaining more information and more knowledge every day.

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