Mad about Minecraft

I have enthusiastic gamers in my house. Personally, gaming has never appealed to me, but to each his own. It is a well-known fact that young children learn best through playing. So, the type of games you allow them to play and how long they play, should be a top priority for parents. And of course, balanced with play outside. I have always been against kids playing violent games, and if you have any doubts about this, have a look at the Bobo Doll experiment here.

I am very happy that my son prefers to play Minecraft. When I saw that Microsoft offers Minecraft education edition as part of their M365 Education Suite, I was very impressed. If you did not know, Microsoft also offers free (yes, completely free😊) Office 365 to students and faculty, for their online editions. And the pricing on the A3 and A5 suites, is more than affordable.

Salt has been an Authorised Microsoft Education partner for over a decade, and we have been deeply involved with migrations to O365 for educational institutions like IOL, the Institute for Open Learning. If you want more information or just need to chat about Microsoft educational solutions, talk to me at

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