Irresponsible data management

Most businesses are accountable to many people, customers, employees, shareholders and more!

A single computer used for business critical systems such as an accounting system, Point of Sale terminals, Money Management, Property management, job control, customer relations management, you name it, is called a ‘Single Point of Failure’.  These often live under someone’s table in dusty, warm and generally ‘unhygienic’ conditions for a piece of technology that is at the heart of your business.

A ‘Single Point of Failure’ is irresponsible not only to yourself, but usually to many around you who count on you to be a trustworthy stakeholder in a business e.g. the board, customers, employees, shareholders etc.

Speak to Salt about disasters such as theft, crashes, water, fire happening to your one and only business systems instance.  Salt has solutions at astonishingly reasonable prices. Theft is the most common cause of catastrophic business loss; we had 2 cases in 2017. Old servers crashing is the 2nd most common cause for catastrophic business loss. We had one such case in 2016.

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