Shine with SharePoint Online

Traditionally customers spent literally millions on having SharePoint properly set up and maintained. You also had to either have a retainer with a development company at astronomical fees, or have a dedicated resource in-house to look after SharePoint. And as data grew, you spent more and more on licensing and hardware to cater for the exponential growth of data and user demands.

Salt has been transitioning many businesses to a hassle free, stable IT platform and the experience with SharePoint Online needs a special mention. We usually do a comparison on price between on premises and cloud, that alone encourages IT to rather play around with it themselves, and end up realising it can be done in-house, part time.

‘We setup an Intranet site on SharePoint by ourselves, it was relatively straightforward. Customizing the layout and adding content is intuitive. We intend to use SharePoint and other Office365 tools for our operational needs,’ says Homateni Ndilula, IT Professional specialising in IT Governance, Project Management and IT Operations Management at the Electricity Control Board of Namibia.

The role of the IT Technician / System Administrator is changing, to what the Microsoft folks call, Digital Architects. With this change, IT specialists are changing focus and becoming a much more integral part of business strategy.

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