It is a sad fact that many customers who start talking to us about backing up their data, is after they lost their data. The impact of data loss disasters has a ripple effect that can lead to your business closing down.

Salt has a basic overnight data back-up service (OBS – online backup service) used by many customers for more than 10 years.  They usually moved from storing data themselves onto Hard disk drives or disks, taken home or put into self owned safes, and came to us after big frights and disasters, usually because of forgetting to do back-ups.

We do a fair amount of restoring of lost files from OBS.

On a bigger disaster scale, we have used complete sets of OBS data to help customers recover after crashes and stolen servers.

There is a basic set-up and standard monthly fee.

There are data storage costs, which are at the moment N$ 4.99/Gig.  As we load more data onto our hardware all of us benefit from economy of scale so we bring costs down.  10 years ago we started with N$30/Gig and customers bought the service.  We went down to N$15/G some years later are down to N$5/Gig now. We are aiming towards N$ 2/Gig in the near future, just waiting for that ‘big data’ customer or two to come in.

For a free demo, contact #saltessentialit @saltessentialit #onsgeeom #MrCloudy

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