The Trust Relationship

When you’re not near your device in the office, screen lock your device.
My company has been teaching me this since day one. I never really locked my screen when I stepped away from my desk, because I didn’t think it was necessary as I trusted my colleagues.
You can never be sure who to trust and who not…
Locking your screen means that no one can access your computer and the information stored.
I had an incident the other day where I left my device unlocked and just quickly walked away for 5 minutes to confirm something with one of my colleagues and when I arrived back at my desk there was tabs opened of things I can’t remember opening myself. I looked around, to see who could have been near my device and opening these weird tabs. I immediately spotted the person who has opened these tabs, because he is usually the guilty one, you can spot it on his face as he awaits your reaction.
My colleague immediately started to laugh when I looked at him. I was so embarrassed that my face turned completely red in front of all my colleagues and everyone started to laugh and said: ” Lock your device even if you’re not at your table for 5 minutes, you are never sure of what one is capable of or what their intensions are.”
You may trust someone with all you have, but too much trust isn’t always a good thing.
Think of it this way: All your professional and personal stuff is on your device or all of your hard work is on the device and suddenly, your things are deleted, a virus could be uploaded on your device, photos of you that might be on your device and might be edit by the guilty party (anonymous person) and shared your edited photo global wise…” That can’t be a good thing, right?
I have learned my lesson now, thankfully it was one of my colleagues that taught me a valuable lesson.
So how do you lock your device?
On a computer the quickest way is to press your “windows” key and the “L” key together or on a tablet or smart phone, there is a button on the side of the phone that you press, and it locks immediately.
Valuable lessons are learned.

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