Bracing the Storm of a Recession

How do you keep sane during an economic decline?

Being through a couple of recessions throughout my life journey, I came to get a grip of what it is about.

It is a basic human instinct to gear ourselves into survival mode when faced with difficulties. Rest assured, it will pass and we will learn from it, making us stronger and more successful.

Recessions come and go, unfortunately some overstay their visit. Some are harsher on the economy and some are a breeze in the air.


It unavoidably leads to layoffs, bankruptcy and businesses closing their doors. Recessions are like the phenomena in nature whereby earth from time to time, cleanses itself. Whether by rain, storms, hurricanes, veld fires, or blowing off steam by erupting volcanoes, as if it would like to say afterwards, thank you very much, I feel much better now.


The recession is a vicious cycle, constantly coming and going, and it is something we have no control over.


Hence, whilst we are in the middle of one such a storm, we should exercise caution in how we deal with money and learn to keep the keyword SAVE in mind.


Let’s look at a few things in your day to day life where you can save.


  1. Try to reduce shopping trips, by making a list of the essentials and sticking to it. Stopping for bread and milk at the store on your way home also helps a great deal.
  2. Use electricity to the minimal by switching off lights when nobody is in the room/office or workspace, switching off the geyser when you are not using hot water.
  3. Use water sparsely. Shower and only sing one song, the moment you are done singing you should be done showering. No, not happy birthday, too short, try your favorite song which is 3-5 minutes long.
  4. Don’t use heaters unless it is absolutely necessary, remember there are people living under bridges this winter with only cardboard boxes to fight off the cold.
  5. Try to cook your food in larger quantities and freeze portions for the following nights. Soup is an ideal winter food and thaws quickly.
  6. Cancel plans for that expensive holiday abroad, a trip in and around Namibia will do wonders and will help your wallet last longer. By doing that, you and your kiddies will learn more about their motherland. Show them elephants, rhinos, baboons and of course don’t forget about our jewel, the Namib Desert.
  7. Try to live off Mother Nature, by starting a family project like a vegetable garden. Here at Start we have our very own where you can get some inspiration from.
  8. Cut out unnecessary luxuries like eating out, buying on credit. Try to save and then buy it cash. 
  9. Try to drive to and from work when the traffic is at its minimal, this is ideal for those that don’t have to drop kids off at school. Try departing 5-10 minutes earlier until you slip in the right spot. Not only will you arrive at home/work early, but much calmer and less stressful, making your day a lot easier to get through .Go to bed early, rest well, a well-rested mind makes a happier and healthier YOU.
  10. And last but not the least, giving to those that are in need. Throw out old clothes, any unwanted items no longer in use and give it to the needy. Sharing is caring. 
  11. Changing our ways of living for the better will have a big impact on what the output will be, a brighter future.


We, as Salties surely endure and battle the economic storm of recession through hard work, passion and persistence which makes us truly unique. I salute you, for you truly are worth your salt.

I would like to end my blog with a quote from the author Jeff Rich and I quote: “Business is the salt of life.”

by George Groenewald





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