Artificial Intelligence vs Human Intelligence

I recently watched a documentary about how AI technology is helping farmers.
Many years ago it was predicted that artificial intelligence will take over a vast majority of functions which human beings do in every industry and in our homes. in the early 18th century, the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, spinning and weaving machines drastically reduced the number of workers employed by factories. It turned out that factories could increase volumes of production and create more products which led to more job creation. There was great resistance – even now, we tend to resist change.
Farmers may soon make use of drones with artificial intelligence using Wi-Fi and satellite technology to drive their tractors, plough and seed their crops. These drones can be equipped with software that is able to scan the soil and plantations to detect problem areas in crop growing, early detection of poor soil etc. This technology will help farmers proactively address the situation by changing the fertilizer application and planting pattern which would lead to better outputs and increased revenue. Nowadays Farmers can be notified on their cell phones of invasions of swarms of insect and make emergency preparations to avoid disasters. The question remains, how will industries balance artificial intelligence with human intelligence to maximize the benefits of both?

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