We had to be Gold to be Victorious

Success is the fruits of hard, and smart work. And when it comes to winning a Microsoft Award, there needs to be a lot of work by a lot of people for many months, indeed years in advance. To qualify to enter the Microsoft Awards, Salties had to prove that we have the internationally accredited skills and many years of experience locally, in-house. We had to develop our own IP and combine it with Microsoft’s services to build solutions, which we had to prove saved our customers money while enabling their business. Our customers had to publicly declare that Salt saved them money, while improving their day to day operations. Learn more about what our customers say about us here. #onsgeeom #msinspire2018 #saltessentialit



Vanessa Maresch, Business Development Manager of Salt, Victorious, at the welcoming reception of Microsoft Inspire 2018, hosted at the Mandalay Convention Centre in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.
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