Email eXchange Point

No mail, Lost mail, Slow mail?

When your company faces email platform instability and availability, it has a big financial impact on your business operations. Email is one of the main tools used to facilitate the sales and communication activities, and without stable and redundant Internet, customers are not able to send/receive emails.

With Email eXchange Point, you are always connected from anywhere at half the cost.

Email Exchange Point:

  • ensures your employeesare always connected to their emails, from any location or device and   mail is available99%.
  • guarantees savings between 25% and 75% of your monthly ICT bill for these services.
  • provides email that is is secure, and users cannot abuse company emails.
  • your business is audit compliant.

By moving customers from on premises  servers, you save on operational costs, technical training costs, hardware acquisition and maintenance, and lastly, you save on reliability on a single point of failure with just one ISP (Internet Service Provider).

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