The Human Firewall – Your employees are your last line of defense

Ransomware was a 5-Billion-dollar criminal business in 2017, and continues to grow. Only the very big and public attacks are in the press. It’s such an embarrassment for people and companies that one hardly hears of local cases. The fact is it is happening to Namibian businesses and the losses are avoidable.

91% of successful data breaches starts with a spear phishing attack. An email that looks very legitimate. This email could give instructions from the boss to the finance person that someone needs to be paid. It looks so real that the instruction is executed without question. It could ask the employee to click on a link that results in the company’s computer’s being taken over by someone malicious, and demanding ransom before releasing the company’s data. Companies are afraid, and they pay.

Hackers believe they work hard for their money, and they have no guilty conscience about the damage they cause to a business or person. Traditionally people thought that this was the IT Department’s problem. Security vendors have boasted that software and hardware alone can protect an organization again malware, phishing etc.

In truth the chances are there that such an email will get through, and an uneducated user will fall victim to this every growing crime scene.

At Salt we ourselves have started subscribing to a service that provides fake emails to test our users, and then provides training to educate users to become the last line of defense against cyber-crime. Empower the computer user to be able to take ownership of their actions, and accountability towards their employers. Afterall if the business loses money, your job may be next.

Talk to us if you need guidance on such a system for your business.

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