Are People really watching my videos?

At Salt, we have been publishing our own videos for almost two years now, be it advertising, references and even noteworthy events. Video is a big part of digital marketing, since consumers prefer watching, and not reading, content. #instantgratification

My job involves monitoring the engagement, and I was quite depressed to see that all our videos on Facebook simply are not getting the engagement we were hoping for. On my journey of researching the ever-evolving world of effective video marketing, I ran into this cool website that has interesting and helpful articles to guide your digital marketing efforts. Digital marketing is still growing, it’s still quite new compared to your traditional outdoor, radio and TV channels. So, it’s easy to waste money and time on content that doesn’t work, simply because you are using the wrong channels.

So when we ran into this article on HubSpot, we tried their advice and it is working😊 Check out some of our videos on YouTube by clicking here. We would love some feedback on our videos, please email us at or leave a comment.

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