Marketing Tools for Marketers

There are millions of marketing tools out there that can help you monitor your competitors’ activities, generate more leads for your sales team, monitor hashtags and what people are saying about you etc, only to mention a few. Some of the tools that help me monitor our social media activities and engagements include, but not limited to:

#1: Dynamics 365 Social Engagement – One of our marketing goals include using social media to generate more sales leads. To successfully manage the reputation of your brand, it’s important to monitor the conversations people are having about you and your company on the various social media platform. Social Engagement helps you identify potential leads on social media and lets your sales team know about them. With Social Engagement, you can do a list of things which also include sharing your content on social media platforms, finding out how people see your brand and where it is positioned in the market. You can do some more reading here. For a free Microsoft Social Engagement trial, contact

#2: Google Analytics – My second favourite tool is Google Analytics. The reason why I like this web analytics tool so much is because it is completely free to use. It helps you measure your website traffic and helps you gather essential information you may need regarding your website visitors.

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