Help Desk Administration

The role of a HelpDesk administrator in a company can be very exciting, and at times challenging. To work at a Help Desk, you need a lot of patience, good listening skills, and resilience to frustrated customers – and enough care to understand their frustrations, and lastly, and have the required knowledge of your company’s products and services.

These are but a few characteristics that makes a help desk administrator contribute to the success of his/her company.

Many years ago, working as a service desk administrator, I was confronted with a funny yet strange request when a farmer struggled with network reception, hence affecting Internet deep in the Kalahari. From time to time I would assist him with his computer issues.

One day I was called to the reception and the farmer stood there with a memory stick in his hand, requesting that I “put the Internet on the memory stick so he no longer has to suffer slow or no Internet”.

I’ve heard so many of these requests and thought it will never happen to me. Well indeed it did. I had to brace myself and asked to be excused to visit the men’s room.

Needless to say, the size of the memory stick could not accommodate Google, let alone the Internet.

Working at a Help Desk can be fun, you just need to align yourself to bear the fruits of the success and the fun side of it.

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