Microsoft Licensing Mechanic – Servicing Your Needs

I have been working in the wonderful world of Microsoft licensing for 11 years. In that time, I have seen more changes in Microsoft’s licensing models than the Kardashians have had plastic surgery. I recently did a licensing comparison for a customer, and to get the full picture, we ended up with 12, yup, 12, different options to choose from. In many instances you get the same thing (i.e. Office Professional 2019) but it is available for purchase in 12 different ways.

It is sort of like deciding what car to buy, or if you should be renting. If I mainly cruise into town to customer visits and pick my kids up from school, then why would I invest in a Land Cruiser? However, the Suzuki won’t make it to the Skeleton Coast for camping😊

What I have learnt from my experiences, is that before you decide how to acquire Microsoft services, you need to assess your business and user’s needs, and match it up to the most suitable suite of services. Only then investigate the licensing vehicle, would your accountants prefer purchase or rentals? Lastly, does your cash flow allow for monthly or annual acquisitions.

If you need advice on how to do this, or just want to leverage of Salt’s experience, short cut the mountains of blogs and maelstrom of online material, talk to us at

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