To Cloud or not to Cloud?!

Only has one answer – Yes to (the) Cloud.

Cloud computing is a platform that is fast becoming a household name in Namibia with Salt Essential IT playing a major role in it, hence we should ask ourselves, “when will I jump on this wagon?”.

The cloud is no longer an illusion but rather a realistic necessity in our day to day operations, be it at work, home or on holiday. An example of early cloud computing services you already make use of is your Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo mail accounts, and Netflix, without realizing we already on the Cloud wagon. The Cloud evolution is moving at such a fast pace that no one can afford to ignore moving their businesses to the Cloud, just to mention a few Microsoft Office products such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and of course your MS emails.
While many are skeptical of the fact that their data is not safe in the Cloud, this might be true if you are not covered by security layers that are in place, like any other platform we make use of. Rest assured Cloud services are developed with built in safety measures in place. It is much safer than we thought. The same goes to people who were skeptical of flying until they did it and therefore landed safely, saving them time and money with comfort.
Think about it, it is not a matter of will you join The Cloud or not. But it is rather a matter of when will you join The Cloud. You cannot afford to stay behind and stagnate in old technologies just because you are used to it.

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