Target the Market

I have learnt a few new tricks this week from Dawid (not the one who beat up Goliath).

If you are in business you must target the market with intensity, consistency and volume.

Intensity market targeting evolves around the way you advertise your products, be it via various tools on the internet, making use of business gatherings, or via media – printed and electronic, i.e. newspapers, TV etc. Employees play a role in informing clients about the latest trends in technology available on the market and what we can offer to change their operations excel in their businesses. Making more money, making workload easier and service their clients faster.

Consistent market targeting evolves around the way we advertise our products. We sell to the customers by periodically advertising and sticking to that rhythm. Clients tend to forget about businesses who are not visible, hence advertising, follow-up meetings, news and media releases.

Volume market targeting evolves around how much and the type of information we share with existing and new clients on the products and services we can deliver. Information sharing with clients should be client specific, so they don’t get bored with products and services that their business won’t be benefitting from.

To be successful in your business you must keep up with global trends/technologies to make your business stand out (unique) from the rest.
As the saying goes: “you snooze, you loose”.

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