PMR Africa Diamond Award 2018

IT Cloud Service Providers – Outstanding – 1st Overall

WINDHOEK, NAMIBIA – 26 February 2019: As we are living in the time of digital 3rd and 4th industrial revolution, it is companies, organizations, educational institutions and governments that embrace technology to drive economic progress and stability and develop talent and skills that build and create sustainability and growth.

What we build and create today is what impacts the future, not only now but for decades to come. As technology and industries disrupt traditional businesses and economies, Salt delivers what others deem impossible.

We should not say “Namibia is not ready yet” or “Namibia does not have the infrastructure”. We should rather harness the talented, the innovators and revolutionist to bring about change and this can only happen if we all fully embrace the tools and technology we have today to achieve the goals of tomorrow.

By recognizing, acknowledging, rewarding and appreciating employees and talent will we grow a culture of forward thinkers that will contribute to economic growth and prosperity for all.

“Salt understand the elements of building and creating new futures for our customers and employees alike and look forward to connecting and collaborating with like-minded individuals and companies.” – Peter Müller, Managing Director

Salt has over the years positioned innovative, productive and cost-effective solutions for our customers and will continue to so.

About Salt Essential IT (Pty) Ltd

The road to cloud services started with Salt in 1998. Salt is a privately owned fully licensed cloud service provider that paves the way in Namibia with innovative new technologies and IT solutions. Salt’s Microsoft certified engineers are experienced in setting up and managing datacentres. Salt’s cloud solutions empower their customers’ employees to work better and faster, from anywhere, at any time. Salt’s disaster recovery service copies data in real-time, as people work, to remote 2nd data centres and therefore enables companies to carry on with business after they have been hit by a disaster such as fire or theft.

We take you to the Cloud. It doesn’t have to be a bumpy ride.

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